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DCNOW’s D.C. Elections Update: DCNOW Congratulates Its Endorsed D.C. Council Candidates Who Won in 2024 Primary Elections and Announces Additional 2024 General Election Endorsement

By: Miriam Edelman

Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – DCNOW congratulates its endorsed D.C. Council candidates on their primary victories and advancing to the November 5, 2024, general election and announcing that it is making an additional general election endorsement.


DCNOW-endorsed candidates who won in the recent June 4, 2024, primary elections are:

-          Robert White (Democrat) – For re-election to an At-Large seat

-          Brooke Pinto (Democrat) – For re-election to the Ward Two seat

-          Janeese Lewis-George (Democrat) – For re-election to the Ward Four seat


DCNOW announces its endorsement of current D.C. Councilmember Christina Henderson for re-election to her At-Large seat. This endorsement of Henderson does not mean that DCNOW no longer supports D.C. Councilmember White, who will appear on the same ballot as Henderson this November. As D.C. registered voters can select two candidates in the November 2024 general election, they can vote for both of DCNOW’s endorsed candidates (Henderson and White) in this race.


DCNOW’s President Rose Brunache said, “DCNOW is delighted that some of our candidates won their recent primaries. We are proud to support them and our latest endorsed candidate, Christina Henderson.”


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