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Past Work

Economic Justice

DC NOW campaigned and lobbied for Initiative 77 to eliminate the subminimum wage of $3.33/hr for tipped professionals. The  ballot initiative, often referred to as One Fair Wage, pass in June 2018 and was overturned in November 2018 by the DC Council.

Paid Family Leave

DC NOW along with a coalition led by Jews United for Justice, passed the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act Passed in 2016! DC NOW turned out members for lobby days, testified before DC Council, and led many social media campaigns to make sure this act was passed for working families in DC.

Survivor Advocacy

DC NOW led the coalition to pass the Sexual Assault Victims Rights Amendment Act of 2013. SAVRAA requires real reform of how MPD handles sexual assault cases and survivors. We lobbied and organized and it finally passed the DC Council after years of hard work!

End Discrimination

The Washington City Paper reported that a Chipotle worker in DC was pushed out of her job because she was pregnant and therefore needed a few extra bathroom breaks and the opportunity to drink extra water. DC NOW sprang into action calling on the DC Council to require employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant or breastfeeding employees. This law passed the DC Council in September 2014!

Repro Justice

We helped provide women with a 12 month supply of contraception at a time which reduces the unintended pregnancy rate by 46%. At DC NOW's urging, The Access to Contraceptives Amendment Act was introduced in 2015 and passed 13-0!

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