How to be an advocate & lobby a bill

Have you felt upset and overwhelmed by everything going on in the U.S. and in our D.C. community? Do you want to get involved locally or learn how to be an activist but don't know where to start? Then training is for you!


Our workshop addresses how to be an activist and how to choose what issue to work on. Participants will have a chance to make an action plan to start getting involved with their community. The workshop will also go over what grassroots organizing is and how to effectively lobby on behalf of a cause or organization. Participants will learn the process of lobbying a bill and will see an example bill from start to finish. 

How to be a digital advocate 

Digital advocacy uses technology to mobilize constituents to participate in political advocacy. There are so many tools available to individuals and organizations to make sure your message is being heard and your policy seen.


This workshop will focus on how to prepare a strong message, how to identify your audience, and strategic storytelling. We will also cover ways to use social media to deliver your message and explore different tools to make your organization’s work more impactful. Participants will also learn how to keep their work secure and how to ensure they are protecting their organizations and their personal privacy. Lastly, this workshop will touch on self care and participants will have an opportunity to prepare a self care plan.

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